The perfect team building program to enhance group skills in communication, collaboration, and creativity.


The most prolific and successful people in the entertainment industry today have improv training in their resume. Your team will be introduced to the same skills and techniques used by the stars of Saturday Night Live and Whose Line It Anyway 

 to be instantly creative and productive.


Comedy improvisational skills are the building blocks to group productivity. 


Our workshop is completely interactive and will teach your team to:


* think quickly on their feet

* recognize opportunity

* support and build on ideas

* think outside the box

* enhance listening skills

* be fearlessly creative


Everyone is involved 


These exercises are taught in a supportive and safe atmosphere in which employees will be free to stretch their comfort zone and engage in creative risk-taking.  By working in a positive pro-active environment, your team will strengthen the skills necessary for group success. By the end of the workshop, we promise that participants will feel energized, focused, and ready to take on the world!


NOTE:  The workshop can be tailored to your event in 1 or 2-hour formats, half-day and day-long workshops.


Participants can number from 10 to ?


An alternate version of this program includes a team of 5 improvisers who perform an interactive show demonstrating the above skills.  The workshop is still interactive and participants still engage in the improvisational exercises used above.




Bill McLaughlin: International performer and instructor, Bill is a co-founder of The Chicago City Limits, New York City's longest running comedy revue. He has performed and toured in the United States and Europe with comedy groups and theater companies as well as in film, television, and commercials for over 25 years. His teaching credits include director of Improvisational Studies at The Manhattan Comedy School, Improv for Auditions at Wickline Casting, Philadelphia, Pa, and The Bucks County Playhouse In New Hope Pa. He is also a frequent guest coach and instructor in the United Kingdom for comedy groups at The Nursery Theatre, London, as well as for numerous companies in the New York and Philadelphia area. When not teaching he produces entertainment globally for the corporate sector as a writer, director and performer for Trade Shows, National Sales Meetings, Product Launches, and team building programs. 



Sharon Geller:   A comedic actress who has appeared on Saturday Night Live 4 times, Sharon has been creating corporate programs for over 20 years. Combining her training as a facilitator in team-building activities and her comedy improvisation skills, Sharon leads workshops on communication where she teaches people to think more quickly on their feet, support their team and think outside of the box.  In 2008, she created her own course, IMPROV FOR LAWYERS, for the Drexel School of Law where she now serves on the adjunct faculty.  Sharon conducts CLE programs for the ABA, Pa Bar Institute and various legal firms throughout the country.    Corporate clients include Johnson & Johnson, Janssen Pharmaceuticals and Novartis.  Her radio and TV commercials have won awards and she recently returned from Israel where she conducted a workshop for Tel Aviv Improv.



"On what I learned that relates to the business world: extending the creative process when developing marketing strategies and plans, rapid decision making - that works for more than yourself - your partner too!, better listening and mentoring, and best of all having more fun at work - through team building, building/enhancing relationships, resolving prior conflicts (forcing 2 parties with issues to interact in a way that can/will produce a positive outcome). Some of this is what I learned and some is how I intend to apply this in my organization. Overall Bill - it was an awesome course. Very humbling for me." ~

Bill Fisher, Vice Preident, Strategy, Fisher Systems