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The Comedy Mystery is a uniquely interactive and fun event that 

directly incorporates your company, department, or team into the storyline! 


Let us create, coordinate and produce a personalized evening of comedy, intrigue & enjoyment for your event!

Your Murder Mystery is personalized. A high profile member of your group will be our victim (never an actor), and it's an inside job! Participants are hilariously included as suspects complete with accusations and interrogations. Guests are deputized as teams and instructed to listen carefully to all of the evidence to determine “Who Done It…and Why!”  Each team will get a chance to give their own comical "who and why" summation before the killer is identified.

Your Murder Mystery is the funniest Murder Mystery yo will ever attend, as the comedy is all about you and your group having a great time laughing with and about each other. 

 A small sample of our clients typicl response -


Wendy Hoffman, Esq.

Chester County Bar Association, West Chester PA



I must say that your performance FAR exceeded our wildest expectations!! I've never heard that crowd laugh so hard and was amazed by how witty our attorneys and judges were on stage! You all did a fantastic job and I echo what Deni said - if you ever need to use us as a reference, please feel free to do so. Thank you to you and your team for a truly entertaining evening!




Beverly Fintzy, Senior Administrative Assistant

B&G Foods, Parsipany, NJ


Hi Bill,

Sorry I haven’t gotten back to you sooner.  Today is my first day back in the office since last week and I’m just trying to play catchup.

Can’t express enough how much the group enjoyed the evening.  You guys did a fabulous job with the material.  Obviously we have quite a bunch of characters here…flashlights, incomplete decks of cards, balloon animals, wizard of oz references…all of it you worked into the murder mystery and it was a hoot.  Everyone couldn’t get over “Martha”, she was hysterical.  All of you make a great team!!


Please, by all means, use me as a reference in the future. Hopefully we can work together again in the future!


Take Care,



























































The cast consists of  professional improv
comedians, just like the folks you see on WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY. Our totally interactive
mystery revolves around your people and inside information
about your group. The victim and suspects are individuals you select 

from your organization. We also embellish the truth to make the participants

much more than they seem, so everyone gets to be special for the

To break it down simply; the evening starts with our actors mingling
with the crowd. For example (the characters can vary): The victim’s
personal fitness trainer attempts to recruit more clients. A bodyguard
searches for trouble makers and unwanted guests. Our detective, an old
friend of the victim, claims to be there for security purposes because
there’s so many VIP’s in one place (but we will later find out that the
victim had been receiving death threats!). A spooky waitress informs
people she was a last minute replacement. Etc.

The victim gets up to speak. As he or she finishes they propose a
toast, which of course is poisoned, and the victim is dead on the floor.

We remove the body and announce that there will be an investigation,

but people are free to continue with their dining. Ballots are passed out and

each table becomes a deputized team. Later we introduce the long lost twin 

of the deceased who joins us for dinner. 


The evening proceeds with the reading of an email from the
deceased that was sent to our detective, naming and describing 

the suspects you provided, that reveals their motives for plotting against the victim. 

This is basically a roast that sets up the evidence and interrogation. 


We then proceed to call up suspects for interrogation and reveal evidence that implicates
them. When all the suspects have been questioned and evidence explained
we allow the teams to decide who they think the murderer was and the
true motive. After team representatives name their killer and explain their reasoning

our detective announces his findings and we capture the killer

(an actor 'assassin' tied to your suspects in our intricate conspiracy) and he or she confesses!








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