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Bill McLaughlin has been the special "guest speaker' at countless corporate meetings and affairs. He is introduced as an expert, client, columnist, politician or whatever best suits the occasion. His presentation seems legitimate, until he suddenly veers into comments, suggestions and observations that quickly move from the unexpected to the hilarious. Let Bill turn stress into laughter as he lampoons the complexity of modern life by showing  the human side of the work world. 


Client comment:


George Ward, SRA

Real Estate Valuations

PNC Bank, N.A.

East Brunswick, NJ


Dear Bill,


I want to thank you for doing such a great job in your performance at the Appraisal Institute dinner meeting last week. Everything came off as planned. We introduced you as an industry expert, setting up the audience to expect a serious presentation on the future of our profession. You started off in a convincing manner, but then to everyone's surprise, you gradually turned the speech into a roast of our outgoing president. Once the audience came to grips with what was happening, you pitched a steady stream of funny stories and jokes, interspersed with philosophical observations about our business.


Your performance met three key objectives I had set for the evening: it was highly personal (real stories about real people); it was directly relevant to the experiences of the people in the audience; and best of was funny!


Thank you for a job well done!



George G. Ward




Kennthe Hawes, Executive Vice President, CIO

Merit Behaviorial Care Corporation

Maryland Heights, MO 63043


To Whom It May Concern,


When you get 65 technical people together for a two-day Strategic Planning Meeting, things tend to get tedious and boring. Not so when you have a dinner speaker such as Mr. Bill McLaughlin. He not only succeeded in having the audience in stitches about the management of our group, but also found a way to make the acronyms that are so prevelant in our industry quite hilarious. 


All in all, Bill was great to work with and developed his speech out in an incredibly short turnaround time. He made this a quite memorable event.




Kenneth A. Hawes







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